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  • Julian Assange: hero or villain?

    Individual cybersecurity is important. Hacking into another person’s computer system and stealing sensitive information is regarded as not only morally wrong but also illegal.

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  • What we can learn from high profile hacking cases

    What we can learn from high profile hacking cases

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  • Who shares your data - and are you at risk of fraud?

    Whenever you use the internet, you leave behind a data trail - a kind of digital footprint.

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  • 8 ways to keep your smartphone secure

    Most of us carry around valuable supercomputers in our pockets without even thinking about it. Our smartphones carry a huge amount of personal information

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  • Online identity theft: what is it and how can i stop it?

    Identity theft is a very real threat in 2018 and can cause huge damage to people’s lives.

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  • 6 practical steps to keep your online browsing secure

    You might have noticed that your internet browser knows things about you. Whether it’s an advert on Facebook for a product you just looked for or an automatic notification on your phone for something nearby

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  • What can you learn from major cyber attacks?

    This attack again highlights the need for better security from firms with customer information, especially as it was found out <a href=”http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-37990246">a 17-year-old schoolboy had been involved in the attack</a>.

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  • 123456: why bad passwords are bad news for your online security

    It seems nowadays that everything needs a password, from paying your household bills to speaking to a customer service assistant on the phone. Companies have taken steps to make sure your password is secure, from asking you to change your password regularly to providing strict password guidelines, like asking for an upper case letter and punctuation to be included. But why is it such a big deal? Is it all a fuss about nothing? Would 12345 be fine? Unfortunately not, and at <a href=”https://www.1stcalldetectives.com/index.php">1st Call Detectives</a> we take your online security really seriously.

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  • How to stay safe and secure when using social media

    Virtually everyone spends some time every day on one of the many social media sites that have sprung up in recent years, keeping in touch with friends and making new ones. Although checking out what others in your social circle are up to can be a fun way to pass the time, there are those out there in social networking land who would do you harm, and for some, trolling and stalking innocent victims are favourite hobbies.

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  • Spear phishing – what is it?

    Six weeks ago, a young woman who was in a meeting at work received a message. The Facebook message from a distant friend read: “Hey babe,” and initially seemed innocent.

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