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  • What's the big deal about the UK app to track the spread of coronavirus?

    In all fairness, it comes as no surprise that the UK government is planning to launch a coronavirus tracking app to help combat the spread of the virus, and many people will consider this a wise move. However, media sources are already flagging some of the privacy abuses UK citizens will experience once this app is in place, and questioning what will happen with the data collected and how long surveillance of this nature will go on.

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  • Ways smartphone apps and travel history trackers helped South Korea handle its initial outbreak of Covid-19

    Smart devices have been used to fight disease by tracking individuals since the 2007 malaria epidemic on the African island of Zanzibar. Mobile network providers, the World Health Organisation, and academics worked together to track the movements of individuals within Zanzibar and also monitor the spread of malaria to mainland Africa.

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