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  • What's the big deal about the UK app to track the spread of coronavirus?

    In all fairness, it comes as no surprise that the UK government is planning to launch a coronavirus tracking app to help combat the spread of the virus, and many people will consider this a wise move. However, media sources are already flagging some of the privacy abuses UK citizens will experience once this app is in place, and questioning what will happen with the data collected and how long surveillance of this nature will go on.

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  • Ways smartphone apps and travel history trackers helped South Korea handle its initial outbreak of Covid-19

    Smart devices have been used to fight disease by tracking individuals since the 2007 malaria epidemic on the African island of Zanzibar. Mobile network providers, the World Health Organisation, and academics worked together to track the movements of individuals within Zanzibar and also monitor the spread of malaria to mainland Africa.

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  • Stay safe and use a password manager to keep your data secure

    With an overwhelming amount of information online, it can be frustrating when you’re trying to access the website you want to login to. However, it’s a highly questionable policy to use the same password across multiple platforms or websites. There is a higher chance of the security of the site being compromised and your security credentials being hacked (Ashley Madison, anyone?).

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  • If you're using Zoom video and audio conferencing for business, you need to think about adding secure layering

    Zoom launched in 2011 and offers free or paid meeting/conferencing facilities. By December 2019, the app was used by about 10mn consumers across both sides of the business. There was no way the company could have foreseen how use would balloon during the coronavirus epidemic. By March 2020, more than 200mn users were registered and active on the app (https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-52133349). In much the way that the word “Google” is a recognised verb denoting online search, the word “Zoom” has become synonymous with online video conferencing. The app’s popularity has seen the company share price more than double through March, at a time when most shares are dropping like a stone.

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  • Has Coronavirus made you think of tracing lost relatives and friends?

    Fears about our nearest and dearest are raw, and the prospect of someone you know dying is a daily nightmare. Also, you could well be wondering how those you ‘loved and lost’ are coping with this massive health issue.

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  • Lockdown liaisons cornering the coronavirus cyberspace cheater

    With much of the world in lockdown, married couples are being forced to spend large amounts of time together. As being stuck behind closed doors brings cracks in relationships to the fore, dating websites targeting frustrated spouses have reported huge increases in people looking to relieve the boredom of being forced together with their partners.

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  • Why use a Private Investigator during the divorce process?

    Divorce can be challenging at the best of times. However, where the relationship between you and your partner has broken down, or you suspect they are not truthful, this can make the process particularly difficult. Where you suspect your partner is hiding something from you, suspicions, doubts and personal investigation can be all-consuming. But we can help.

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