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Being ‘ghosted’? A private investigator can help

by Josef Kafka

You may have become used to hearing the word ‘ghosting’ thrown around over the last few years. That’s because it’s come to be used as slang for when a person suddenly severs all ties with someone they are romantically involved with. In fact, in most cases, the term ‘ghosting’ is used to describe the mystery that usually surrounds such a breakup. This is because the person seemingly drops off the face of the Earth – thus becoming ‘ghost’-like – with no way of contacting them. The whole process is, of course, rather demoralising. Due to this, it’s no surprise that daters are now prepared to take increased measures to ensure that they never find themselves in such circumstances. This is where a private investigator comes in. If you’re worried about the prospect of being ‘ghosted’, here’s how such an expert can help you.


Do we ever really know the people who we agree to go on a date with? Not particularly. Instead, most people blindly enter into a romance with the highest expectations of where things can possibly lead. This, sadly, can be a surefire way for you to end up with your heart broken. After all, who’s to say that this person won’t just drop you without so much as a second’s notice? Luckily, a private investigator can help in this department. A thorough background check prior to the date can give you some valuable insight into the mindset of the person who you’re agreeing to go out with. The information can’t help you see into the future, but it should give you a strong idea of whether you’re making yourself vulnerable to someone who could end up ‘ghosting’ you.

Skip tracing

Arguably the worst part about being ‘ghosted’ is that it leaves you with too many questions and so few answers. You’re completely in the dark about why someone you trusted has just deserted you – and whether the whole thing is as sinister as you might imagine. There might even be a part of you that is concerned the culprit has been in a serious accident or passed away suddenly. Don’t worry, you can find out the truth by using the skip tracing services provided by a private investigator. This will provide you with firm evidence that the person who’s unexpectedly dropped you is indeed alive and kicking. Just remember, you can’t actually be ‘ghosted’ if you’re aware of the whereabouts of the person who’s trying to do it to you.


There’s a famous mantra that says ‘don’t get mad, get even’. If you’ve been scorned by someone who you were willing to give your heart to, you may find that it softens the blow ever so slightly to be able to let off some steam and call them out on their actions. How can you do this when you’ve been ‘ghosted’, though? After all, you probably won’t be able to contact them through the methods you once could, perhaps because they’ve blocked you or changed their phone number. There is, of course, a solution. With assistance from a private investigator, you can obtain alternate contact details – whether this is a home address to send a letter to or a new phone number to call. You can then confront the person who’s tried to ‘ghost’ you, ultimately stopping their plan in its tracks.


You really can’t put a price on taking back control of a situation – especially when the person who’s ‘ghosted’ you has left you feeling so utterly powerless. You’d possibly be surprised just how much you can start pulling the strings once you’ve had the person responsible put under surveillance and observation. For instance, you may find that the person has been seeing someone else all along. You could even come to discover that they have told fibs about their lifestyle. The information won’t just help you get a better understanding of the person who you might have thought was whiter than white, but can also act as a form of armour in case they ever decide to walk back into your life following a prolonged period of ‘ghosting’.

Don’t become another victim

‘Ghosting’ is becoming all too common an occurrence in this day and age – and both men and women can become victims. Whether you’ve already experienced such brutal behaviour first-hand or whether you’re just keen to ensure that you won’t become just another victim, be sure to consider how a private investigator could help you. The experts at 247 Investigations have a world of knowledge and an array of skills which can come in handy when a romance begins to turn sour, so don’t be afraid to get in touch if you’re concerned that you have been – or will be – ‘ghosted’ by the person you’re dating.

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